Our Services

Magento 2 Ecommerce Consulting Services
• Custom Modules
• Custom Theme (Templates)
• Integration with Third-Parties APIs
• Custom Payment Gateway
• B2B and B2C Solutions
• Shipping APIs Integration
• Tax Calculations with Third-Parties APIs
• Address Validation Third-Parties APIs
• Chatbot Custom Modules
• Telephony Bot Modules
• Google Assistant Bot Modules
• Integration with Order Management   System
• CRM Integration Custom Google Tag   Manager Integration
Custom Websites Development Consulting Services
• Any PHP framework custom website development such as
    - Laravel
    - CodeIgnitor
    - CakePHP
    - Symfony
• Any Node.js framework custom   websites and APIs Microservices
    - Express.js
    - NPM
• Any type of AWS EC2 servers   infrastructure solutions
Custom Mobile Apps Consulting Services
• Hybrid Mobile Apps
    - React Native
    - Flutter
• Native Mobile Apps
    - iOS using Objective C
    - iOS using Swift
• Native Android Apps
    - Android Studios
    - Android SDK
    - Java for Android

To try a feature on Google Assistant.
Hey! Google Talk to DailySold.
Wattanak® team developed this project from scratch by using Dialogflow artificial intelligence (A.I) for natural language processing, node.js as webhook fulfillment APIs and micro services and aws instance for the backend servers.
Dialogflow & Google Assistant Consulting Services
• Telephone Bot
• Google Assistant Bot
• Google Home Action SDK
• Chatbot
• APIs webhook fulfillment
• Customize integration with your   existing APIs
Telephone Bot
Wattanak® team developed this demo to show the use cases of how powerful artificial intelligence (AI) by using Dialogflow. Let’s AI help you or answer all the questions to the users and will forward the call to the right department if users still want to talk to live representatives.

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Wattanak® is a company committed to integrating powerful web-based application, E-commerce solutions, corporate portal website, social network, online classified and analysis products to meet the needs of corporate implementations. We are committed to satisfying our customers by listening to their needs and solving their problems.